The End

It doesn’t matters how it ends but the thing is I don’t like the end  whether it’s a happy ending or not because at the end nothing’s left. At the end of a book we don’t have anything to read, at the end of a song there is nothing to listen, at the end of a trip there is nothing to enjoy.

All the fun part is only before the end

And at the end of a life there is nothing left, nothing at all. But the sad fact of life is that

Everything in this world will end one day and we are not here forever.

So what we had to do is to accept it the way it is and live with it no matter what because after all we are here and we shall live our lives with an aim better enough to make our real life happy

That life which will come after this life and which has no ending

An eternal life

And we are here to prepare ourselves for that eternal life.

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