You don’t know 

Hate me all you want but I am not gonna judge you or hate you for that because I know your hatred must be based on some reason that is correct for you, I know it’s not all you who has created this hatred inside you it’s a little bit of me too or maybe it’s all me. A part of me may have hurted you subconsciously even when I never wanted to. Or maybe it’s because you’re going through some situation, a kind of situation that made you hate me because you never know what other person is going through. You don’t know how they feel about a certain thing that you’re talking sick of. So you have no right to judge or hate them because you don’t know them even when you think you do. You can never know a person accurately no matter how close you are. And if you are truly close to them you will never judge them no matter how stupid things they do. And the thing that is important to know is that it’s not always you who is correct so either try to know them or just stay away because when you don’t know, you don’t care and when you don’t care, you judge. But no scratch that ‘don’t judge because you don’t know’

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