Be a fantasy

The lights were all lit but the darkness was still there. The kind of darkness that makes you ponder about things you miss, things you regret, things that start with if and things that have no end. Those streams of thoughts that keep flowing in your mind connecting one thing with another and making a thread of never ending thoughts, keep you in that darkness even when you’re in a hall full of people with all the lights and music. You can’t get your head notice the lights or the fun because it is engrossed by those thoughts that never leaves it or maybe you don’t let them leave your losses make you feel that anything is possible, you can imagine anything there, so you feel the joy by turning those ‘Ifs’ into possibilities. And for just that joy which is not even real, ‘just a fantasy’, you let yourself have all the darkness that comes with it not knowing that it is destroying you, turning you into a whole new person who is dull, boring and always lost but then it’s just what people will think about you and it doesn’t really matter what they think of you because people will leave anyway. What matter is YOU so you better hold on to those thoughts and be what you wanna be. Be yourself. Be a fantasy.

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