For The One Who’s Worth It

No matter how much I try to maintain a good relationship with you. We always end up fighting one or the other way. Sometimes it is so freaking annoying that I think what the hell is wrong with us, why can’t we just behave like sisters. Yeah that’s what we are. SISTERS. Or may be that’s just what our birth certificates tell us otherwise our behavior with each other can make us anything but SISTERS…

We don’t even resemble in looks so that anyone can say: “Look! how those crazy sisters are fighting”. Well I consider myself responsible of that most of the times because I am short tempered which you are too but somehow you usually control your anger but I can’t I just love bursting with anger and I do so I ruin things and I regret it. Yet I consider myself lucky because no matter how much I try to ruin things they always come back to me they way they are.

But there comes a time in people’s life when it seems that they are going in right direction but actually they are not and that’s when they need someone to warn them about the consequences of it, guide them to the right path and be their guardian angel, saving them from whatever try to destroy them.

That’s where you fit in my life you may not be my sister but you are more than that. You are my GUARDIAN ANGEL. No matter how much I try to stay away and keep things from you. You always find out what’s going on in my life and come to me just right on time to stop me from destroying myself. I don’t know what is it but you have this ability of convincing me whatever you say. And you think that your lectures have no affect on me but believe me they do. You are reason of who I am today (talking of qualities here :P). And you know what’s the best thing of you guiding me the right way?. It’s that you never force it on me. You let me understand it myself no matter how difficult it is. You let me choose it myself after explaining the consequences of it. And I think that is what you should do when a kid is about to jump from the roof of the house without thinking about what might happen to him because applying force will stop him at that moment but there are chances that he might try again when you are not watching because you didn’t tell him the consequences of it. You’ve just told him that it’s so stupid of him to do that. You didn’t explain to him that why is this stupid?. So the result and the right thing to do is to give free will after letting him know the right thing. And you did the right thing. I’ll never be able to thank you for that. Sometimes I think that what have I done to deserve you. I am just blessed. I just don’t know why you are in my life, I am not worth it. May be, Allah love me so much that He sent you in my life.

I am sorry for always pushing you away. Thank you for always being there for me and for letting me choose. And thank you for always understanding me no matter how many blunders I make, just, never stop trusting me. You should know that I’ll always choose the right path eventually.

Well… I will not say that I love you cause’ that would be so typical of me. I’ll rather say that I will always need you which is so selfish of me but believe me I wouldn’t have lived this way without you. And no one can ever have a better sister than you.


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