I know it’s temporary but still it’s an obsession not something that flows away like the sand that flows away with waves of sea or something that disappears when you close your eyes. It’s something more than that. Something that I feel when I see the full moon. Something like the joy that rain brings with it. Something worth having, that make you feel special like the joy of being blessed. Something that we think is forever but forever is a lie you know. Nothing is everlasting. Even the tiniest thing on this Earth is going to end one day so how can you believe them when they say that it’s forever. Forever doesn’t exist. It’s just something we think is true or possible but actually it isn’t. It’s a delusion, a fantasy or maybe just our imagination where we comfort ourselves by thinking that it can be possible. We think that maybe there are things that stay forever and we’re just not good enough for them. But then it’s just what we think of them reality is a lot different from it and bitter like the truth that we can’t face. And that delusion, it fades away the moment you enter reality and then every single moment of your life shouts to you that ‘forever is a lie sweetie, a very handsome lie.’